Why use Wickless Wax Warmers

There’s thousands of reasons why you should use wickless wax warmers. Some I’m sure you already know of, and some you don’t.

Here are the top 5 reasons why.

  1. no open flame
    • with wickless wax warmers, there’s no flame therefore there’s no need to worry about children, pets or even adults getting burned.
  2. no soot, no smoke, no wick
    • Most candles produce soot and smoke since they have a wick, but with wickless wax warmers, there’s no soot or smoke being produced.
  3. can mix scents to make new scents
    • With traditional candles you can’t add scents together to make a new scent. So if you wanted something with mint, and strawberry you can take a wax that has mint and a wax that has strawberry and put them together. Otherwise you would need to go find a candle that actually has strawberry and mint in it, which isn’t that easy to find.
  4. convenience
    • You can turn it on and off whenever it suits you
  5. lower energy costs
    • Keeping it on isn’t just better for the bulb and the warmer itself, but also to lower the energy costs overall.
crush-diamond warmer from Scentsy
Candleglow Simmering Light with Antique White Base from Pink Zebra – Pink Zebra (pinkzebrahome.com)


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