Why use Wickless Wax Warmers

There’s thousands of reasons why you should use wickless wax warmers. Some I’m sure you already know of, and some you don’t. Here are the top 5 reasons why. no open flame with wickless wax warmers, there’s no flame therefore there’s no need to worry about children, pets or even adults getting burned. no soot,Continue reading “Why use Wickless Wax Warmers”

Where to use Wickless Wax Warmers??

You can use wickless wax warmers anywhere. Depending on the colour of your room you can have the warmer look plain or have some colour. You can also have it look as the centerpeice of the room, or to be an accent. Check out some of these real life photos taken by Carla Aviva ofContinue reading “Where to use Wickless Wax Warmers??”

what are wickless wax warmers

It depends on the company, but most wickless wax warmers are a safe, flameless, wickless alternative to candles. Most warmers use some sort of heating element, may it be a lightbulb or a hotplate to heat the wax. The wax is put onto a dish which then touches either the lightbulb or the hotplate. TheContinue reading “what are wickless wax warmers”