Social Media Policy

The Social Media Policy for Carla Aviva Scentz the….. blog, is that everything posted can and shall be able to be posted onto any social media platform.

The blog posts here, are of the opinion of Carla Aviva. Even though Carla Aviva is a Scentsy Consultant, she will not be promoting Scentsy over any other company in the blog posts that are posted, each post will have equal opportunity to promote all brands featured in the post by having hyperlinks throughout.

If you have questions, comment away. I’ll answer you, and if I don’t know the answer guess what? I’ll find you the answer.

No HATE SPEECH of any kind, this includes comments that are racist, anti-trans, anti-LGBTQ, antisemitism, these comments will be removed right away.

You have your own opinions and that is fine, but please NO NAME CALLING, FIGHTING or ANYTHING ELSE MEAN/RUDE. Those comments will be deleted right away.

If you know another brand that sells Wickless Wax Warmers or products and isn’t featured please comment. Who knows, they might be featured in a blog post.

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