What are Diffusers?

Diffusers use oil and water to make a smell appear. Diffusers and oil are available by a variety of companies. Examples of these companies include: Scentsy, doTERRA, Young Living and Saje. Each of these companies offer different types of diffusers, styles and shapes. Each company also offers different types of oil and scents.

This blog post and series will talk about each of these companies and how they diffusers work.

Video by Scentsy on how to use their Diffusers

Let’s start with Scentsy.

Scentsy: has two types of diffusers. The first one is a deluxe diffuser and the other is a regular diffuser. The Fleur – Gray Deluxe Diffuser (scentsy.ca) is smaller in shape, and only comes in one colour. Compared to the the regular diffuser it’s cheaper at $86 compared to the $185 and up for the regular ones. The regular ones come in different shades but all fit the same base. The Diffuser Base (scentsy.ca) is $112 and you can change the shade which is sold separately, however you can get it with a shade already. An example is the Stargaze Diffuser (scentsy.ca), you can buy it with the base and shade for $198, while the Shade Only – Stargaze (scentsy.ca) on it’s own is $92.

Stargaze diffuser: Stargaze Diffuser (scentsy.ca)

Young Living: The website shows 4 different types of diffusers, they come in different shapes, sizes and how they function. An example of a diffuser that they sell is a Car Vent Diffuser | Young Living Essential Oils, it uses oil that goes onto a cotton pad that sits in the diffuser, that diffuser goes onto the vent of the car. They also carry diffusers made for kids such as the Feather the Owl Diffuser | Young Living Essential Oils. It’s in the shape of an owl, it takes their regular oils and oils made just for kids.

doTERRA: The website shows 4 different types of diffusers. One of them is called Pilot Portable Diffuser | dōTERRA Essential Oils (doterra.com), its a portable diffuser its similar to the Scentsy Portable Fragrance System – Flameless, Wireless & Wax Free | Scentsy Go.

Always speak to a consultant from Scentsy, Young Living or doTERRA to help you make the best decision for the best diffuser to use in your home.


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