Where to use Wickless Wax Warmers??

You can use wickless wax warmers anywhere. Depending on the colour of your room you can have the warmer look plain or have some colour. You can also have it look as the centerpeice of the room, or to be an accent.

Check out some of these real life photos taken by Carla Aviva of her Scentsy warmers around her home.

The 2018 Limited edition holiday warmer on top of a fireplace mantle in the family room/den Use this think to get the 2020 Limited Edition Holiday Warmer: Limited-edition Holiday Hearth Warmer (scentsy.ca)

The Radiate Positivity warmer with a blue light bulb in a darken bathroom. Order your own Radiate Positivity warmer here: Radiate Positivity Mini Warmer (scentsy.ca) and your own coloured bulb here: Wax Warmer Replacement Parts, Lightbulbs & Accessories | Scentsy Warmers

Himalayan Salt in Pink Warmer in the dining room. Order your own Himalyan Salt Warmer here: Himalayan Salt – Pink Warmer (scentsy.ca)
Himalayan Salt in Pink Warmer in the dining room

Vino Warmer, off in living room. Get your own Vino here: Vino Warmer (scentsy.ca)
Menorah Mini Warmer, off in a bathroom. Has VanillaMint wax in it. Get your own Menorah Mini Warmer here: Menorah Mini Warmer (scentsy.ca) and the VanillaMint wax here: Vanillamint Scentsy Bar

The best part of having wickless wax warmers is you can put them anywhere, in any room for any occasion. You can change them, or the lightbulb whenever the mood strikes you.

With hundreds of warmers and wax the options are endness.


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