What are the types of Warmers?

Each company carries different types of warmers, in different designs for your needs. This blog post will look at each company and the type of warmers they carry.


Scentsy has 3 types of warmers. Mini warmers, element warmers and standard warmers.

Mini warmers also called “night lights” plug into the wall directly, they run on a lightbulb. The wax goes into a dish that’s already built into the warmer. These warmers can also be converted into a tabletop version just by using a base (which is sold separately). These warmers have a switch on the base itself to turn on and off.

Mini warmer – Menorah. Source: https://cavivarudberg.scentsy.ca/shop/p/50677/menorah-mini-warmer

Element warmers are bigger than mini warmers, but unlike mini warmers they use a hot plate. The dish that the wax sits in, goes directly onto the element itself. No need to look for a lightbulb because it doesn’t use one. These warmers do not produce a light.

Element warmer – Aloe Vera. Source: https://www.tupperware.ca/?party=5fa571af774309774995b1e8

Standard warmers just like the mini warmers use a lightbulb. Some of the mini warmers come as a standard warmer as well. These warmers, do have a dish but unlike the mini warmers, you need to add it into the warmer. The dish itself is also bigger so it can hold more cubes of wax at one time. The standard warmers come in different styles to fit any style room and home.

Classic Satin Black Standard warmer: Source: https://cavivarudberg.scentsy.ca/shop/p/dsw-sblk/classic-satin-black-warmer

Pink Zebra:

Pink Zebra has two types of warmers. Simmering Lights and Simmer Pots.

Simmering Lights uses a light bulb, similar to Scentsy’s Standard and Mini Warmers. You can change the shade to make it match the décor of the room its to be in. It too also uses a dish, called a sprinkle dish and this is where the wax sprinkles go. You plug it in and turn it on.

Deer Simmering Light with Antique White Base. Source: https://pinkzebrahome.com/sprinklingscentz

Simmer Pots are similar in concept to Scentsy’s Element warmers. There’s no light and no flame and uses an electric warming plate or hot plate to heat up the wax sprinkles. You put a dish onto the hot plate first to hold the sprinkles and to warm them up.

Black Marble Simmer Pot. Source: https://pinkzebrahome.com/sprinklingscentz

Of course there are the brand name warmers, just a simple google search will help you see the difference between them, but Scentsy and Pink Zebra are sold via consultants and they will be more than happy to assist you find the perfect warmer for your home.


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