What’s there for kids?

This blog post is all about what there is for kids. From stuffed scented toys, to regular toys, to diffusers there’s always something for them.

How do Diffusers Work?

Diffusers work by using water with oil. It’s best if the water is cold. Each company has different oils and diffusers however most companies let you use other branded oils in their diffusers. The basics for most diffusers work in the same way though. you lift the shade, add water into the base add yourContinue reading “How do Diffusers Work?”

What are Diffusers?

Diffusers use oil and water to make a smell appear. Diffusers and oil are available by a variety of companies. Examples of these companies include: Scentsy, doTERRA, Young Living and Saje. Each of these companies offer different types of diffusers, styles and shapes. Each company also offers different types of oil and scents. This blogContinue reading “What are Diffusers?”