Limited time offers what are they

Scentsy is amazing company. Every so often, they launch items – like buddies, waxes, warmers, etc. – for a limited time. In the past items have included, NHL, NFL, MLB, Harry Potter, Nightmare Before Christmas, Disney Princesses, Marvel, and the list can go on and on.

Currently there are 4 collections that are out for limited time.

First up, we have Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck from the Looney Tunes. They come with their own Scent Pak as well, and you can get your own bar of wax. The scent is called Looney Tunes and the description is: A nostalgic, Saturday-morning splash of apple juice joins ripe red berries and sugared cherry to bring the Looney Tunes vibe home. Doesn’t that sound delicious?

Next up, we have our Captain America warmer. This warmer was out once before however, in typical Scentsy and Disney fashion we put it back into the vault for safe keeping. It’s out now but for a limited time.

Collection number 3 is a really cool one. We call it Glamorous You. It contains wax, warmers and even Scentsy Buddies! You can buy the wax as one collection, or just on their own. You don’t even need to get everything in the collection, you pick and choose.

Collection 4 is the best! In my opinion. It’s the Genie from Aladdin. You can get him, or a wax bar. This buddy is the coolest one. There’s not 1, but 2 pockets! One is on the back of Genie, the other is the lamp! How cool is that?!

Now, these collections are only while supplies last. I suggest that if you want any of these collections, don’t delay, just click/tap on the photo and shop right away!


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