What is there for my car?

Photo by ALEXGTACAR on Pexels.com

Your car, its your home away from home. Most people spend on average 80 hours a month driving just to and from work. Yes, these days we may not be driving to the office and back, but we still need essentials. And the car can still stink.

Scentsy has a few solutions for your stinky car. Check out this list below:

  1. Scentsy Car Bar – Delivers fragrance for up to 30 days, just hang it up from your rearview mirror and breathe in a new adventure every day! It does last 30 days on average, but can last longer or less depending on the scent. And it comes in a bunch of different Scents.
  2. Scentsy Car Bar Clips – These clip to your car vent, this makes it easier for the air to distribute the fragrance and its compact size makes it have a low profile. This comes into a pack of 2.
  3. Scent Circles – These also go on your rearview mirror but are made of cardboard. these on average do last about 30 days, but depending on the scent it can last longer. This comes in most of the Scentsy scents and some have cool sayings on one side.
  4. mini fan diffusers and Scentsy Pods – These are pretty cool. So the mini fan diffusers work by being plugged into your car via a USB port, then you use a Scentsy pod of your favorite Scentsy scent. Just put the pod upside down into the mini fan diffuser. The Scent pods are filled with no-spill fragrance beads, and they provide up to 120 hours of fragrance depending on the scent. Each pack contains 2 pods of the same scent.

With so many options for your car, what can do wrong?

Check out all the scents and mini fan diffusers available by clicking on the links in the list! Enjoy the scents for the car and hopefully we can all go on a road trip soon


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