Why use Diffusers?

Source: https://cavivarudberg.scentsy.ca/shop/c/4435/diffusers

Diffusers are great in spaces where a warmer and wax will not do. With diffusers we don’t need to worry about messes, and staining on surfaces such as wood, tile or other material.

Diffusers are also great for spaces where it’s not safe to have wax around. Diffusers use different scents than wax and warmers. Yet the oil scents are similar to the waxes and their scents [depending on the brand], this way if you are someone who likes wax, but you want to start diffusing oils you can transition into them, then use the oils to mix new scents.

It’s important though that you find a diffuser that can work in your house the way you want it to. It’s also important to research all the different companies you can get a diffuser from and the guarantees that each company provides on them incase something should happen.

Let’s take a look at a couple of companies and guarantees.

For example: Scentsy. They offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This warranty states that diffusers are “warranted to be from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product. Any diffuser found to be defective or damaged under normal use and care will be replaced with the same, or comparable, product at Scentsy’s discretion.” Scentsy Diffuser Product Registration | Scentsy Warranty.

Here’s another example: Saje. They offer a lifetime efficacy guarantee. “We stand behind the quality of our diffusers and will take back any unit that is no longer functional. Bring it into any location or connect with our Customer Experience team, and we will happily repair or exchange it — it’s our lifetime efficacy guarantee. In order to protect the environment and reduce waste, we do not accept returns on previously used functional units.” Shipping & Returns (saje.com).

Let’s look at Young Living. There policy is quite confusing. The website states, “If you are a Young Living customer or professional account customer and are dissatisfied with any Young Living product, you may return: any unopened product within 30 days after shipment for a full refund in the same method of payment of the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges).Any opened product within 30 days after shipment for a credit on your Young Living account of the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges).Any opened or unopened product up to 90 days after shipment for a credit on your Young Living account of the purchase price and applicable sales tax (less shipping charges and a 10% handling fee). The credit applied for opened product will be based on the percentage of the product returned. For example, if you return 50% of a product, then a credit of 50% (less shipping charges and a 10% handling fee) will be applied to your Young Living account.” Basically, what the policy is saying is that you have up to 90 days to return any product. Young Living Essential Oils.

doTERRA has an interesting warranty as well. The warranty is, “Warranty – This essential oil diffuser, as well as all other doTERRA products, come with a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects. If you have any issues in this time period, do not hesitate to contact customer service to find out about getting a replacement or a refund without any questions or hassles.” However, you do need to contact them directly to get the product replaced. Their contact info is here: Contact Us | dōTERRA Essential Oils (doterra.com).

It’s important to know the guarantees or warranties that are offered when it comes to your diffuser, just incase you have issues while using them.

Diffusers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different scents. Want to learn how to diffusers really work? Use this link: How do Diffusers Work? – Carla Aviva Scentz the ………….


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