what are wickless wax warmers

It depends on the company, but most wickless wax warmers are a safe, flameless, wickless alternative to candles.

Most warmers use some sort of heating element, may it be a lightbulb or a hotplate to heat the wax. The wax is put onto a dish which then touches either the lightbulb or the hotplate. The warmer only heats up to a certain point, to warm the wax and doesn’t cause any injury.

The warmers and the wax together are perfect solution for any home since there is no flame, no smoke, no soot and no lead. They are the perfect solution for families, those with pets and those with breathing problems since there’s no triggers, and the wax is non-toxic.

Scentsy’s what is

There are a variety of different companies out there that sell these types of warmers. The big names you might have seen around social media are Scentsy, Pink Zebra, Partylite, Walmart, Glade wax warmers. The list can go on and on. Each one has their pros and their cons, however they all have no flame, and no wick.

Each company has their own values and makes their own wax and warmers differently. However, they mostly work the same way. It’s best that after reading this blog post, if you have more questions keep reading the blog when new posts come out and do your own research by either reaching out to consultants from brands like Scentsy, Pink Zebra and Partylite who can most likely give you the most correct information based on your questions and concerns.


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